Hillary Shuts Trump Down With New Ad Targeting African Americans


Election day is finally here. Thank goodness it’s almost over but not until Hillary makes one last attempt to get the remaining black vote. She has released an ad clowning Trump and using his own words against him. A poll by HBCU, Howard University in Washington, D.C., released Monday, the day before the election found that 84 percent of black registered voters believe Trump is a racist and only 1.5 percent intend to vote for him.

This is the lowest percentage of African-Americans voting for the GOP candidate in any previous presidential election was 7 percent.

Trump’s low African-American numbers will play a key role in states with large black populations, among them like North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Michigan.

At the same time, only 89 percent of African-Americans said they would vote for Clinton, a decline from the 93 percent who cast ballots for Obama in 2012.

Check this video out and share your thoughts. Get out and vote today is the day!

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  • Todd Elliott Koger Reply

    November 8, 2016 at 7:39 AM

    On Thursday, a young black 21-year-old mother Christian Clark killed her 17-month-old baby boy and attempted to smother to death her 2-year-old daughter, sending text messages and videos in the process. And, you “micky ficky” muh-fu . . .kas believe that you can put our “smooth” brother that we elected president in 2008 and 2012, his wife, or some “anyhoo” stale rapper in our face to force our hand again with voting.


    We have reached our limit with the Democratic Party, CNN, and all those “Ja Rule” Judas slip knots who with just a day until the election STILL CAN’T ACKNOWLEDGE HOW MUCH WE HURT IN BLACK AMERICA.

    It’s that simple.

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