Alt-Right Member Richard Spencer Speaks At Texas A&M University “A White Man’s World?”

texas-nationalistThere are many new and exciting hashtags going around this Christmas holiday, but the students at Texas A&M University created one that does not quite fall in that category. Tuesday (Dec 6), Both students and residents of College Station, Texas were invaded by the hatred of white nationalist leader and Nazi supporter Richard Spencer. Invited by Texas A&M Alumnus, Preston Wiginton, Spencer was able to use a room located on the campus that is open for public use.
Over 300 people showed up for the rally. Spencer spoke on topics such as the new elected president, European history, and his newly formed “Alt-right” campaign that stands for the preservation of power for the Caucasian race. All races attended the event just to see what he had to say, but tension increase once Spencer started saying things such as “At the end of the day, America belongs to white men” and showing signs of his affiliation with the Nazi’s.

It seems as though Richard has much time on his hands now-a-days, since he has been band from his elite Texas Prep School last month according to

According to the footage, many student stood close to the stage holding up fist, signs, and even standing in line to challenge the opinions of both Spencer and Wiginton. There was even a man dressed in a clown costume, holding a sign that stated “He’s the really Bozo” in reference to Spencer.  On many occasions officers had to step in because of the chaos and outrage of the students inside the room.

Meanwhile outside of the student center, emotions grew heavy as protesters tried their hardest to make their way inside of the rally. All local law enforcement were present pushing people back and even having to make two arrest, which they later tweeted where both non-students.

Actually being born and raised in the city of Bryan/College station, there is not much open racism, which led many people to stay home and watch via social media. Protesters took to twitter using the hashtag #BATTLIVE that kept everyone who was concerned, updated on what was taking place at the historical University. Making chants such as “The whole world is watching” and “No Nazi’s, No KKK, No Fascist USA”, students and civilians were in disbelief about the event that they assumed the University had approved.

161206-richard-spencer-protest-texasam-mbe-1025p_4_4ef0a7723b528789f5b05f849c5823da-nbcnews-fp-1200-800At the end of the event, The students of the University came together near the Kyle football field to have a unity peace rally. Listening to music and allowing speakers to reiterate the values of Texas A&M University.

The Vice president wanted to make it clear to CNN and the entire world that “Texas A&M University, including faculty, staff, students and/or student groups, did not invite this speaker to our campus nor do we endorse his rhetoric in any way.”


If ever asked, what is one difference between a PWI and a HBCU, this event would have to be somewhere on the list. Not saying that Black Colleges and Universities are excluded from events as such from occurring, but people know who and who not provoke.


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