6 Reason We LOVE Donald Glover Formerly Known As Childish Gambino

I’m going to venture to say that Donald Glover would be a great boyfriend. Maybe even a better best-friend, you know the type that secretly likes you but its OK because you secretly like him too.  I don’t think we give him enough credit he really is a triple threat at the “tender age” of 33. That’s right 33 is tender these days. He has done so much and did it all so damn well.  He is an established actor, writer, producer, comedian, rapper, singer, and songwriter. Just your all around artist.  CampusLATELY just wants to say we see your effort and appreciate your various bodies of work.

Here are 6 Reasons We Fell For Donald Glover

1. Did anyone know he could blow like that? His version of “So Into You” took us back to the 99, 2000


2. Any friend of Chance The Rapper is a friend of mine lol. No we love this song and how honest he is with his music.


3. He is a true story teller and his perspective is very true to most millennials today


4. We are not gassing you here he is actually really funny. Check out his stand up!

5. He takes quality roles that tell true stories, that tell our stories. Little known fact he got his start writing for 30 Rock.


6. He knows when its time to go to the next stage.  At the conclusion of his set at the 2017 Governor’s Ball he announced his next album as Childish Gambino will be his last: “I’ll see you for the last Gambino album.”


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