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Zoltan Jakob was shocked after the show: “My house is sometimes very fiery”

Zoltan Jakob was shocked after the show: “My house is sometimes very fiery”

For several weeks, we were able to follow how the most beautiful suitors compete for the heart of Zoltan Jakob. The decision was not easy, but the billionaire finally chose Bettina Hajnal. “I got the main prize, Zuli’s heart. “I’m not saying it was easy, I had a very bumpy road to Zuli’s heart, but it was worth it,” the mother, who works as a nail technician in Moka, explained happily. One said the filming had actually taken place earlier, so the businessman could follow the events with TV viewers, and he was certainly surprised by what he saw. “I was only able to meet the girls there when we were on a date, when the cameras were rolling. Now, watching the show this way, there were many times that I didn’t see it at the time, but I heard about it. I’m trying to put this in place now. On Betty’s part, I was positively surprised that she was fiery. “It doesn’t bring me a lot of happiness, because sometimes it’s too fiery,” the Crystal Nails owner added with a laugh.

The couple will only be able to get to know each other from now on, until now they were afraid to go anywhere together, for fear of being seen by fans. “The show ended and Betty was immediately taken away by her parents. We weren’t even allowed to meet officially, so as not to fall out. “People are always watching me anyway because of social media and such, so now we’ll really be able to start developing,” he added, telling that There was a viewer who tried to figure out who his chosen one would be through the reflection of his glasses.

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