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Wish | Watch while you can!

Wish |  Watch while you can!

If you haven’t watched this historical Netflix series yet, you should do so as soon as possible, because it will be removed from the show in a matter of weeks.

Last month, many people were surprised to see Hemlock Grove on the list of departing content on Netflix. Although it cannot be said that the horror series has been particularly successful in any field, neither critics nor viewers were impressed with it, it still plays an important role in the history of the service provider.

This series was among the first self-produced content, to be exact, it was the third exclusive title on Netflix after Lilyhammer and House of Cards. However, for some reason, the streaming giant decided to say goodbye, and as it turns out, this isn’t the last surprising iconic departure. As it turned out a few days ago, the previously mentioned Lilyhammer will also be leaving Netflix in November, which can be especially painful because

Because despite being a mediocre series, it was the definitive Netflix Original series.

And why is this Netflix history disappearing?

If you were to shoot Lilyhammer now, you’d actually see the same “Netflix Original Series” being named as any other self-produced show. However, this is also misleading because Netflix does not actually own all the original content, the company only licenses much of it. That is, they really made the chain, but they are not the rights holders. By the way, this is what happened to Daredevil and all the other Marvel series on Netflix, which moved to Disney + a few months ago – that is, to the rights holder platform.

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The same is the case with Hemlock Grove and Lilyhammer: Netflix only received the necessary rights to film / serial production, but when they expire, the owner can claim the works, and if the contract is not extended, they can also drop it from service.

Hemlock Grove, for example, is owned by Gaumont International Television and left Netflix on October 23, 2022. Netflix’s 10-year license to Lilyhammer expires in November, and the company has decided not to renew it, which means it will disappear in November.

It is not yet known when and where this series will be available in the future. Until then, you can still watch all three seasons of Lilyhammer if you’re interested in where the streaming service started at least a decade ago.

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