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Will this be the popular Lexus?

Will this be the popular Lexus?

Let’s get straight to the point. LBX is a compact crossover, in Hungary, Lexus is quite logical to ride the recreational vehicle mania with a new model, which is mainly designed to meet the needs of European customers. The model also holds an interesting place in the Lexus nomenclature, as only the LFA super sports car has, to date, received 3 letters. But LBX pioneered this as well and actually carries a similar meaning. After all, the three letters mean: Lexus Breakthrough Crossover, so it’s designed as a kind of wall-breaking, best-selling Lexus in Europe.

To do this, first of all, the brand must attract a younger audience than before, as well as interest those who have not previously thought of buying a Lexus. So LBX has a big job to do, they want to sell 25,000 units in Europe next year. Pricing hasn’t yet been discussed in the static presentation, but as an entry-level model, the LBX is probably the most affordable Lexus on offer. Perhaps success will not depend on the realm of form. The usual spindle-shaped radiator grille has been spectacularly redesigned, but the nose of the LBX is clearly also Lexus. The car looks spacious, muscular and sporty, although the designers have tried to create several distinct styles. Who tried to adjust the personalization, of course it will mainly appear on the inside.

But let’s not get too far, because we haven’t moved along the car yet. From the side, it also brings the striking curves and light and shadow lines expected from Lexus, as well as the C-pillar typical of the brand’s models, so it is easily recognizable even from here, even without seeing the logos. The rear of the car is also very eye-catching, with the light strip extending across the entire width, and the shape of the lamps are all beautiful and harmonious. By the way, the LBX is based on the GA-B platform, which is officially a small car floorboard, but its length of 4.19 meters, width of 1.82 meters, height of 1.45 meters and wheelbase of 2.58 meters indicates its lack. Need to strain in the car.

The dashboard wasn’t overly complex, which also contributes to the good sense of space. The Tazuna concept was also used here, so the controls are always located in the immediate vicinity of the driver, and their handling is intuitive and does not distract from driving. The model received a new 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, but there’s also a 9.8-inch diagonal touchscreen on the center console. The use of materials, of course, is worthy of Lexus luxury, and vegan leather upholstery can also be ordered, that is, faux leather that is pleasant to the touch, barely distinguishable from the real thing, and of course the rear passengers are not. went out. Of course, you can already feel that this is the smallest class among Lexus, and the luggage space is “only” 332 liters, but even this volume of space can accommodate large suitcases.

At the front of the engine, potential buyers don’t have to worry too much about what they choose. Because the distribution starts with a single hybrid drive. It is based on a 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol engine. The power of the system is 136hp and the maximum torque is 185Nm. All of this is transmitted to the first four wheels or all of them by the familiar eCVT transmission. Of course, the LBX will also be available with all-wheel drive. Given that the curb weight of the car is 1280 kilograms, this drivetrain seems ideal for it, but we will be able to discuss this in more detail after the test drive.

The first cars will certainly arrive at dealerships at the beginning of next year, as mentioned, prices have not yet been disclosed, but it is known that all LBX cars of Japanese production will come to Europe.

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