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Why say ok to something when it’s ok?

Why say ok to something when it’s ok?

If something is ok, good, right, we agree with it, maybe we say ok more often instead of the former. Saying “OK” is so good, that even according to the 12th edition of the Hungarian Spelling Rules, this form is correct – that is, OK. But where does consent come from? What do you mean okay up?

We can come to decipher it not from OK, but from its original (and more internationally known) form, OK, but for this we have to look back to the 1830s. Members of Boston’s educated youth of the time, as a sort of hipster, amused themselves by communicating with each other through acronyms so deliberately misspelled that only those in their obscure inner circles would understand.

Almost without exception, these were born from some deliberate sound-based misspellings. That’s how it came to be in the local vernacular

  • KY is “no use” for Know Use (rather than not use);
  • OW is first right (instead of all right);
  • and OK based on Oll Korrect (instead of Everything is correct) with a similar meaning.

The latter has withstood the test of time better, perhaps because in the nineteenth century everything is true was a relatively common expression and, moreover, a particular source of jokes for describing that all is well in the form of OK, since there was nothing in the world In short it is shaped just fine

The OK format itself was first written about in a Boston Morning Post article of March 23, 1839 (at least this is the first surviving memory). Over the years, the brief joke spread from the northeastern part of America to other distant states, and in 1844 Hassan was already writing about something that everyone understood and knew perfectly. Of course, the fact that Martin Van Buren, the eighth president of the United States in 1840, adopted Hassan during his re-election campaign and made it a campaign slogan could also have played a significant role in this. The joke backfired here as well, and it didn’t go well for Van Buren either, because he lost the election to William Henry Harrison. (Van Buren supporters and activists brought into the story his hometown, Kinderhook, with the motto Old Kinderhook, which was meant to convey respect, while opponents used the colloquial abbreviation against him in the form of Off to Kinderhook.)

Contemporary Van Buren Cartoon – Source: Library of Congress

The presidential campaign gave it a major boost, and the invention and spread of the telegraph in 1844 gave the OK invasion an unstoppable boost. Since the OK message (based on the valid American Morse code system of 1844) could be transmitted quickly and unambiguously by two short and one long notations, one short and one long, it soon became a quick code indicating confirmation of the message received.

the According to Vox Video The advertising trend at the turn of the century, when they started using one of the most used letters in the English language, Kt instead of C, gave OK another advantage, to make a particular logo or product name memorable. By the way, this can still be seen in the name of Kool-Aid juices, Kleenex paper napkins, Krispy Kreme donuts, and even in the Rusty Krabs buffet in the SpongeBob cartoons, called the Krusty Krab in the original English.

From there, things got to the point that on July 20, 1969, when the Apollo 11 lunar module reached the lunar surface, OK was the first human word uttered on the Moon while in the module.

By the end of his successful international career, Hassan also moved to the Hungarian language.

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