UK suspends foreign aid payments

The UK has temporarily suspended overseas development aid payments. The decision affects grants of more than £1 million and are not considered significant payments. In cases where the assistance can save lives, the British government will continue to pay the amount, even if stopping the payment involves additional costs. The purpose of the decision is to relieve pressure on the government budget. Bloomberg Books.

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The Foreign Office has told many of her colleagues that aid payments must be stopped, as the British government is already sending aid to many areas in crisis, for example Ukraine due to the Russian invasion, which has already made the government threatened by overspending.

The British government does not make any new commitments to provide such assistance, contracts already in progress have been suspended but not yet finalized.

According to a government statement, there are foreign aid funds that remain a priority.

These include humanitarian support for the Ukrainian people.

The new rules will remain in effect until the fall, when the new prime minister can decide whether to repay aid payments. The new prime minister will be determined on September 5th. Rishi Sun or Liz Truss is still vying for the position, and one of them will take over as the country’s new prime minister on September 6.

As expected, the fate of Boris Johnson’s seat may be decided between former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Secretary of State Liz Truss. We’ve collected what you can know about the candidates.

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