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Two Hungarian cities are also among the leaders in the EU list to live in

Two Hungarian cities are also among the leaders in the EU list to live in

Viktor Orban holds Hungary hostage and sees the European Union as a cash cow – this is what a German politician said

It is conceivable that at the EU summit on February 1, the Hungarian Prime Minister will be offered a way out again, giving him the opportunity to save face.

Terje Reintke, a representative of the European Parliament for the German party, said: “Prime Minister Viktor Orban is holding his country hostage in order to achieve his dream of restoring authoritarian social order, trampling on the rule of law and considering the European Union as a cash cow.” The greens. Editorial Network Deutschlandnack (RND).

Manfred Weber, the leader of the People's Party faction and party, who did not become President of the European Commission in 2019 precisely because of Orbán's intervention, had harsh words for the Hungarian Prime Minister in the portal assembly.

According to Weber, many in the European Parliament are tired of the fact that the Hungarian Prime Minister is constantly vetoing further EU aid to Ukraine.

“He acts more like an ally of Putin than a member of the European Union.”

– said the Bavarian politician.

In the RND article, he pointed out that Orban's approval in the European Council is absolutely necessary regarding aid money so that Ukraine is not threatened with bankruptcy in a few weeks.

There are currently two initiatives before the European Parliament to abolish the Hungarian Prime Minister's right to vote. In his petition, Finnish Conservative Petri Sarvamaa called on the commission to put pressure on heads of state and government to withdraw Orban's right to vote in the European Council.

Katarina Barley, a politician from the German Social Democratic Party and one of the Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, is calling for the right to vote to be withdrawn because of ignoring European values. The European Parliament could adopt this on Wednesday.

However, the decision to withdraw the right to vote is ultimately made by heads of state and government. This requires the approval of at least 72% of member states, which together represent at least 65% of the Union's population. However, according to the RND article, many people in Brussels are skeptical that it can happen together.

“This increases the possibility that Orban will once again be given a way out, and a chance to save face, at the extraordinary summit convened especially for him on February 1.”

– they wrote.

In Brussels, they are already preparing to present several alternatives in case the Hungarian Prime Minister uses his veto. This could be a joint fund for Ukraine, in which member states – with the exception of Hungary – could invest 50 billion euros.

The peculiarity of the matter is that if the member states cannot agree on a successor to Charles Michael, who is running in the summer European Parliament elections, the country that holds the rotating presidency of the Council, namely Hungary, will have to do so. He temporarily assumes the duties of President of the European Council.

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