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Tucker Carlson is in Moscow, and according to the news, he might have a shootout with Putin

Tucker Carlson is in Moscow, and according to the news, he might have a shootout with Putin

American reporter Tucker Carlson arrived in Russia for the first time in his life, according to photos published by Russian media. The first photos were taken of Carlson arriving from Istanbul on February 1, to the airport in the Russian capital, but he later also appeared at the Bolshoi Theater, where he watched Spartacus from the box.

After seeing Carlson's photos, several Russian military bloggers suggested that the purpose of the visit might even be to interview Putin.

Similar news has spread before, for example, last summer, when Russian state television aired Carlson's commercial: “Russia, top-ranking American broadcaster takes it to another level. Here.” After Carlson separated from Fox News, one of Russia 1's presenters asked him to join the Russian station's staff. Putin's press official said last September that the time would come when Western media would also be able to interview the Russian president. When Dmitry Peskov was asked whether it was possible to consider Carlson Tucker, he tentatively said: “Let's wait for the end.”

The former Fox News anchor has defended Putin on several occasions, and even claimed that he tried to interview the Russian president last year, but the US government prevented him from doing so.

Tucker Carlson's Tonight was the most watched news program in the United States before it was shut down in April 2023. The broadcaster opposed US aid to Ukraine and suggested that the West was actually responsible for the invasion.

After his dismissal, he returned to Twitter bringing up Russian propaganda and UFOs. Viktor Orban also gave him an interview in which the Prime Minister talked about how Trump can save humanity. Carlson has also performed at the MCC Festival. Then he said that US Ambassador David Pressman is a worm who represents the gender lobby instead of the people. Strong statements were never far from him, and throughout his career he never hid that he was racist and sexist.

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Later, the MCC said they had not paid the star presenter his performance fee, nor even covered his travel expenses. Carlsson also claimed this, but in the meantime it turns out that his father is one of Orban's lobbyists in the United States, that is, he helps the Hungarian Prime Minister to have a say in the internal politics of another country.

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