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Trabants will be banned from all downtown areas

Trabants will be banned from all downtown areas

An environmental organization says it is time to ban polluting Trabants from inner city areas.

A German environmental protection organization has begun banning Trabants that do not meet any current emissions standards from inner-city areas. According to Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), it is alarming that 40,000 of these two-stroke cars have a driver’s license in Germany, up from 7,000 ten years ago.

Right now, only veteran Trabants with H license plates are allowed to drive in German cities, but according to DUH, it’s high time they were all banned from these areas. According to the organization, the emissions of such two-stroke cars can be felt immediately by their smell, and this is what puts people’s health at risk.

Source: VEB Automobilwerk Zwickau

DUH mainly wants to change the rules for veterans, but the authorities also know that this will not be an easy process. The organization also recommends a significant tax increase for vehicles whose exhaust gas does not receive any aftertreatment.

Zwickau Trabant has already indicated that it plans to organize a demonstration against the proposal.

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