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This is why data leaks like KÉRETA are so dangerous: Health information for millions has been found on the dark web in Australia

This is why data leaks like KÉRETA are so dangerous: Health information for millions has been found on the dark web in Australia

The country’s largest private health insurance company was previously attacked by a ransomware virus. Criminals are now beginning to upload sensitive data obtained in this way on the Internet.

Criminals in mid-October they threatened him The health insurance company, Medibank, announced that the health information of actors, politicians and other public figures will be released to the public after the theft of two hundred gigabytes of data and a request of nearly ten million dollars from the company. First Gizmodo this week This has been reported, that the hackers compiled lists of “good” and “bad” not only from the data of known patients, including those with addiction and eating disorders in the latter, and then began publishing them. On Thursday night, a file was also uploaded to them entitled “Abortions” on the Internet, in which it not only mentioned what type of intervention was performed on the patients and for what reason, but also their address, phone number and even their passport number.

“I have a message for the crap behind the attacks: The smartest and toughest people in the country on the trail”

This was stated by Home Affairs Minister Claire O’Neill, who is also responsible for cybersecurity in Australia. The According to news on TechCrunch The Australian Federal Police already knows who is behind the crime. The identity of the perpetrators has not been revealed, but they are said to be in Russia. Previously, the notorious group called REvil was mentioned in connection with the measure, which appeared to be liquidated by the Russian authorities in January, and Poland later extradited a member of the organization to the United States. However, the latest police announcement came as a surprise to the local Russian embassy, ​​but the Australians emphasized that they are counting on the cooperation of the Russian authorities through Interpol. They also emphasized that they could often hold those who commit crimes in Australia accountable for their actions there. At the same time, TechCrunch reminds us that Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in 2018 that Russian citizens would not be handed over to anyone.

About running ransomware earlier We have written many times in Rakéta. What gives Australian events special significance is that a Find out this weekIn spite of using a completely different method, one of the most important Hungarian public education systems, KRÉTA, which contains not only students’ grades and homework, but also a large amount of sensitive information, has been hacked. Although the perpetrators say they won’t publish these, the Medibank example shows how much trouble it can cause if sensitive data falls into the wrong hands.

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The source code for the IT system used in Hungarian public education has been made public
Thus, in theory, anyone can find vulnerabilities that can be used to hack KÉRETA, which also contains the personal data of all students.

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