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This can be a big problem: they can no longer cool the nuclear power plant

This can be a big problem: they can no longer cool the nuclear power plant

As he said, the water level dropped below a critical 12.7 metres

They will no longer be able to fill the cooling pond of the nuclear facility located about 150 kilometers away with its water.

Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who is preparing to lead a delegation next week to assess conditions at the Russian-controlled Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, warned of low water levels this week. He said that if this level falls below 12.7 meters, water cannot be pumped to supply the nuclear power plant’s cooling system. But he added: the remaining water in the tank is enough.for some time after“They can cool the reactors with it. In addition, the cooling basin near the nuclear power plant is full of water, which is enough for a few months,” he added. It is crucial that the latter remain intact.

Although the reactors of the Zaporizhzhya NPP are closed, the heating elements still have to be constantly cooled to prevent a meltdown of the reactor core, which

It would cause radioactive contamination in the environment.

Kakhovka was one of the largest reservoirs in Ukraine. The dam was blown up at dawn on Tuesday, practically destroying the reservoir. Ukraine and Russia accuse each other of blowing it up.

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