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They bought it, took it home, then left it to collect dust for 42 years – that's how the C3 Corvette became a record holder

They bought it, took it home, then left it to collect dust for 42 years – that's how the C3 Corvette became a record holder

The WD Detailing team, searching for “auto parts”, found them in an abandoned garage in Ohio, and their discovery seems to have had the same effect on them as the Holy Grail did in Indiana Jones.

The third-generation Chevrolet Corvette was covered in finger-thick dust, and there was a “multi-generational” rat's nest in the spare wheel and air filter, but apart from that, the premium sports car is practically in poor condition. After a thorough cleaning, it was restored to its original splendor, inside and out. Decades of inactivity have caused changes to a car's engine, transmission and suspension, which are beyond the scope of this article.

However, what is most interesting about the whole thing is how it can happen that someone buys a new, very cool and unusual sports car, and then never uses it. Because according to the car hunters at WD Detailing, the anonymous owner bought the car in 1982, took it to his garage 33 miles (53 kilometers) from the dealership, and left it there, untouched since. The odometer of the two-hundred-horsepower car showed the same 33 miles as it had traveled 42 years earlier.

One explanation for the anonymous owner's lack of interest is that he could have been a collector or Corvette fan, and knew in advance that the C3 would not be produced as of the following year, 1983, and that his car would increase in value in 2018. what. But somehow he forgot about it.

The odometer certainly isn't excessive, and the WD Detailing team claims the car is currently the world's cheapest third-generation Corvette produced from 1967 to 1982.

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Interior accessories – steering wheel, gear shift, armrest, seat cover, etc. – They also attest that no one has used the car since purchase. A strong proof of this is the fact that the sports car has retained the typical smell of new cars inside. They say that everything in a car is manufactured, even the air in the wheels.

In other words, at 42 years old, she is still brand new, so to speak, a kind of robotic “time capsule.”

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