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There are significant differences in the assortment of fast foods known in America and England

There are significant differences in the assortment of fast foods known in America and England

The startling fact that there are significant differences in KFC offerings in the UK and US has recently come to light.

According to a KFC fan known as Kitty on social media, the fast food chicken restaurant in the US sells many products that are not available in the UK. Americans eat French fries with gravy, which is not as strange as it sounds.

Kitty showed what one looks like Kentucky Fried Chicken Family Menu In the United States, he also revealed that the large Coca-Cola here is two liters, and the most popular snack is French fries. This delicious version is similar to the sweet British scone that the English eat with afternoon tea. It is often served with gravy and fried chicken, which is why it is so popular at KFC.

Chicken pate is another dish Americans can choose from at KFC, but it's also not an option in the UK. It's a pie filled with shredded white and dark chicken, potatoes, peas, carrots and broth. Surprisingly, but in American restaurants you can even order green beans.

In addition to the fact that the menu is also very different, the serving sizes in the US are also larger. An excellent example of this is that you can buy up to 48 fried chicken wings from the menu across the ocean, but in the UK you can buy a maximum of 14 wings. The difference between the two countries is also significant in terms of drinks: in the United States the largest “glass” is about two liters.

According to Katie's post, a typical American KFC menu (a two-liter bag of soda, a large bucket of fried chicken, chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw), which can feed up to five people, costs just $35 ( HUF). 12000).

Origo also introduced a special offer from KFC: sharing with the onion ring. But this was also a fast food restaurant where the employees were licking pieces of fried chicken back and forth.

source: Daily Star

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