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The Universim 1.0 – Game Test – GAMES Magazine

The Universim 1.0 – Game Test – GAMES Magazine

When you first take a look at The Universim, you might feel a little intimidated by the amount of upgrades and creativity available to you. During the game we can develop our civilization from the Stone Age to the Space Age. With this in mind, Universim is a perfect example of the RTS city building genre. It starts with basic mechanics such as diseases and weather phenomena, while incorporating movie references that define the atmosphere and of course the appearance of aliens. Although the Crytivo development team offers a light and funny experience, a strong emphasis is placed on decisions and time management throughout the game.

During Universim, we have to keep an eye on the civilization we create, which offers a similar feel to From Dust and Black & White, but with a much simpler visual world. However, graphically, Universim is a very nice game that combines functionality and artistic design. Although some elements may be simple, their colors and shading still create a unique and fun overall image. In addition, through evolution, our civilization undergoes radical changes, not only in its functioning, but also in its appearance.

At the heart of Universim's story is survival itself, however, unlike most games, it's not about our survival, it's about the survival of our creations, which we will play a big role in facilitating throughout the game. The game brings us into a situation in which observation of evolution shows us many disadvantages and operational advantages of sentient species. To help our creatures survive, we have the possibility of divine interventions. At the same time, predators, ancient monsters, aliens, and even the climate may often seem to be against us, working against the development and survival of our civilization, for example firestorms and hurricanes, not to mention ice ages.

As the god of the Nugget race, our followers will write our story based on our interventions, whether as a benevolent healer or a cruel deity demanding sacrifices. The Fragments perfectly mimic all the fallibility and stupidity of humanity: they're not very smart on their own, so we have to teach them everything at the beginning of the game, and then slowly hand over control to them.

At its core, Universim is a city-building game, but you can leave your civilization alone and sit back and watch it progress until a major disaster strikes. This makes it important to keep track of things like resources and creator points. This brings with it an interesting balance, as we have to decide when to intervene in the daily life of a civilization, and when to leave people to their own devices.

By spending Creator Points, we can use our divine power, with which we can cure diseases, summon rain in times of drought, plant trees, transport raw materials to speed up construction, or, if we want to, we can rain down a meteor shower on the planet, Scatters lightning, or even unleashes an earthquake on the poor smithereens. You never have to worry about running out of Creator Points, as this resource is produced passively over time.

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