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The United States became the Olympic champion after Kamila Valeeva was suspended, but the Russians appealed the decision

The United States became the Olympic champion after Kamila Valeeva was suspended, but the Russians appealed the decision

The right of the 17-year-old Russian athlete to compete will be suspended as of December 25, 2021, thus losing his achievements in the pentathlon games and depriving the Russian team that won the gold medal with him. Kamila Valeeva It was the fourth individually.

The final standings for the team competition have not been announced since the Olympics. On Monday, the International Olympic Committee – according to information from the Associated Press – informed the American member organization that it would later announce the victory of the United States team, which collected 65 points. The International Skating Federation announced, on Tuesday, that the bronze medal behind the Japanese woman, who rose from third to second place with 63 points, goes to Russia, because although Valeeva’s exclusion led to a decrease in her total points from 74 to 54, she still won, and was preceded by 53 graduations. form Canada.

The Russian Olympic Committee announced early Tuesday afternoon that it would file an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport to review the final results of the team competition.

Valeeva pleaded not guilty from the beginning. His defenders, who wanted to obtain his acquittal, pointed out, among other things, that all doping tests carried out on the athlete in Beijing turned out to be negative, in addition to the positive sample taken in December 2021 during the Russian Championship. It became known only in February 2022, when the test was actually carried out, due to a laboratory delay in Stockholm, the Olympic team competition that brought the Russian victory. There was also an argument in favor of Valeeva that trimetazidine, which she was offered, does not help skaters improve their athletic performance. The Russian Anti-Doping Agency had previously acquitted Valeeva.

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