The ePassport system has been out of control at UK airports since Friday night. Passport checking is now done manually by the authority.

Books of BBC. According to the newspaper, the problem began on Friday evening and affects London’s Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airport and London’s Gatwick, among others.

Britain’s Home Office said it was working with airports and airlines to solve the problem to minimize disruption to border controls. Currently, all travelers’ passports must be manually checked at airports by persons of authority.

It was not known exactly what caused the disturbance, but a spokesperson for the ministry revealed that the problem is so sensitive that it is difficult to name it. The impact of the problem is seen mainly in large airports with electronic gates.

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A similar problem also occurred in the French passport control system on Saturday, as passengers departing from the port of Dover can expect disruptions. Although this error has already been eliminated, the waiting time for cars and buses is about 60 minutes, and 400 trucks have congregated at the border.

A spokesperson for Gatwick Airport said the situation was manageable for the time being, although they expected 800 landings on Saturday alone. The disturbance began on Friday between 19:00 and 20:00.

Passengers staying at the site a BBCThey talked about how someone had to wait two hours to cross the border, and those at the airport were not properly informed of what was happening.

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