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The super yacht, which will be larger than the Titanic, will be a floating science center

A Titanicnál is nagyobb lesz a tudományos giga-jacht

Its maiden flight is expected in 2025 Earth 300 the name of the thing luxury yacht, which will be 300 meters longer than the Titanic (269 meters) – writes international boats website.

The futuristic-looking craft would also seamlessly serve as the fulcrum of the main evil of any James Bond movie, however it was developed specifically for peaceful purposes.

It’s not supposed to be an oil cell or super-rich playground like Jeff Bezos, and we’d be looking for Jacuzzi or bikini models on board in vain.

The ship’s designers set us no less goal than saving the planet. This is because the Earth 300, despite being called a yacht, will in fact be a special research vessel designed to study the factors that contribute to climate change and the processes that contribute to global warming.

Earth 300 GB could be completed by 2025, $5 to $700 million (Photo: Iddes Yachts)

the ship Aides Yachting It was built by a company called Evan Salas Jefferson Master shipbuilding and Polish shipbuilder NED. Propulsion will be provided by a nuclear reactor dissolved in salt, which is one of the most modern and safe ways to use nuclear power, so the yacht will be able to blow through the foam without emitting harmful emissions.

“We set out to build Earth 300 without knowing the impossible: we wanted to create an Olympic torch for world science.” Singaporean businessman Aaron Oliveira told the newspaper, the idea of ​​an ultra-modern ship popped out of his head. “With the help of the ship, we can enrich humanity’s knowledge and knowledge of the universe, both under and above the ocean surface. We want to invite 160 of the world’s leading scientists to the deck, equipped with equipment never before seen on a sea-ship.”

Two distinct parts of the ship are immediately striking: above the bow of the ship is the so-called observation deck, and at the end of the stern is a huge spherical building of 13 floors science fieldResearchers and scientists will wait for 22 different laboratories. The design world is intentional, with gigayacht designers trying to refer to the planet Earth as a sphere.

The giant science yacht will also be bigger than the Titanic

The 13-storey Science Sphere will house 22 laboratories (Photo: Iddes Yachts)

The ship will already be equipped with the latest technology, and climate research will be supported by advanced robotics, artificial intelligence and incomparable quantum computers faster and more powerful than modern computers.

“We are at an important crossroads in human history when we face our greatest challenge to date, climate change.” Oliveira added. “Our goal is to sound the alarm about the global climate and provide inspiration for an era in which ethical leaders offer a new vision for the economic and environmental future of the planet.”

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