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The star teams were shocked by the identity of the star teams, and Vivian Maddy immediately screamed. Little boy’s favorite concealed outfit!

The star teams were shocked by the identity of the star teams, and Vivian Maddy immediately screamed.  Little boy's favorite concealed outfit!

The disco ball was greeted by star teams in amazement, and Vivienne Madai immediately shouted. Little boy’s favorite concealed outfit!

January 3, 2021 9:52 PM

Opel Anita and Sila decided the fate of the contestants: it turns out which three costumed celebs sang in the final! next one

In Anita Opel’s opinion, Gabor Baronets hid under a disco ball costume, upon hearing which Sila is completely hatched … More information

The disco ball was very different in style to suit her costume and she introduced Margit Bangó: A Reed Covered Culinary in her second production. next one

In addition to adrenaline, Disco Ball is a fan of lush clothing, who betrayed: there is no shortage of anyone in your everyday life. next one

Returning to memories of the carnival, Vivian Maddy, cast his voice alongside Fresh Andi at the Tiger, in which Cyla also came up with an embarrassing story. next one

In his second production, Tiger strikes a big deal with Major Lazer: Leon on. next one

Nexac who am I? His tiger falls on men with big mouths, but he shouldn’t be afraid either. He told me fashion and extreme makeup easily wriggles your head. next one

Upon watching the short film, Anita Opel and Andras Chunka became confident on their side, but Victor Kiraly had doubts … Is the capsule now … more

Many times I was accused of being outspoken in Nexac, who am I? His weirdness, who does not agree at all with assumptions, considers himself a lonely type. next one

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