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The Russians are aware of the presence of NATO soldiers in Ukraine. The Kremlin also responded to Viktor Orban's statement

The Russians are aware of the presence of NATO soldiers in Ukraine. The Kremlin also responded to Viktor Orban's statement

Peskov said, “France's intention to form an alliance whose countries are prepared to send forces to Ukraine is nothing more than inflaming tensions.”

This is a very dangerous and dangerous path

he added.

Regarding reports that foreign soldiers are already in Ukraine, he said so Russian security services have had “information for a long time” that people “directly linked to NATO” are already residing on the territory of Ukraine.

Speaking about Pope Francis's statement that he classified raising the white flag and starting dialogue as courage, Peskov believed that this should be interpreted in a broader context, and the head of the Catholic Church also spoke in favor of negotiations. . He recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed that Russia is ready to settle problems through negotiations, and that this will be his preferred path.

He pointed out that the “Kiev regime” rules out this possibility and enjoys the support of European countries that believe it can force Russia to suffer a strategic defeat. He described this as “misinformation” and a “serious error.”

Regarding the meeting between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and US presidential candidate Donald Trump, Peskov stated that the Kremlin is aware of the relevant statement of the Hungarian Prime Minister, but he cannot comment. Specifically, the speaker was asked to explain his position on Viktor Orbán's statement that Trump has a peace plan for Ukraine and intends to withdraw military funding for Kiev if he wins the election.

Yes we saw that. But we have nothing to say, because no details have been provided. It is unclear what this plan is. Therefore, nothing specific can be said now

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Peskov noted.

Speaking about the increase in Ukrainian drone strikes against Russian territory, he admitted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are showing “increasing activity” in this regard. He added that the Russian air defense is active, and referred the answer for more details to the jurisdiction of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Regarding the press reports that Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov was dismissed from the position of Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, and the appointment of Admiral Alexander Moiseev as Commander of the Northern Fleet in his place, he said that there is no open order to this effect, and he was unable to comment on the secret orders.

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