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The RTX 2080's memory has been doubled, resulting in an improved gaming experience

The RTX 2080's memory has been doubled, resulting in an improved gaming experience

Recently we have heard repeatedly that the VRAM of RTX cards is low. This may not affect the average frames per second, but the gaming experience improves.

22.02.2024 – More than 5 years ago, in the fall of 2018, the Nvidia RTX 2080 was released, already at that time, many people criticized the VRAM capacity of 8 GB, but at that time this amount of memory proved to be enough. Nvidia has not followed AMD's example since. The 4070 Super, which arrived in January 2024, still packs 12GB of memory, but the 4070 Ti Super actually gets 16GB. Only the 16GB 4060 Ti stands out in the lower bracket, but there it can run out of raw performance quickly, so the balance isn't very healthy.

During recent years' testing, many feared that the amount of VRAM would limit the card's higher resolution, not computing power. Last year, TechSpot was dedicated to just this purpose We let each other down RTX 3070 and RX 6800, came to a similar conclusion. The biggest problems aren't the average FPS, but hangs due to a lack of VRAM. The minimum frames per second can have a much greater impact on your gaming experience than if the average were 84 instead of 76 frames per second. That's why it might be interesting to know what advantages an older card might have, such as the extra amount of memory.

Brazilian designers have created a 16GB version of the Nvidia RTX 2080

In Brazil, PC mods have been experiencing their golden age in the last year or two. More and more enthusiastic amateurs and professionals are trying different solutions. Probably the cloudiest yet With VRAM switch It would have been an RTX 3070, but in recent days the aforementioned RTX 2080 has been used. Moreover, this time, a customer paying this order contacted them, so the card will be in daily use after the transaction.

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Nvidia RTX 2080

As you might have guessed, the replacement has improved the quality of the RTX 2080 as well. On the left side of the image above, we can see the copy increased to 16GB, while on the right side, the original 8GB version was received instead. Some percentage differences can also be read in the average FPS, but what can really matter are the minimum FPS values. In the original design, the game frequently dropped, often measuring 3fps, but the 16GB RTX 2080 never dropped below 59fps. This can certainly promise a much better gaming experience for games that are sensitive to it, especially in the case of higher resolutions. So the VRAM size does limit the cards even in 2024 in terms of average FPS, but low FPS due to the small amount of memory can take a lot out of the gaming experience.

source: video card

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