The Night Agent could have been a Netflix series riddled with shocking murders

Movie News – In the political thriller Night Agent, a low-ranking FBI agent and a computer genius find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy that leads to the White House. Series creator Sean Ryan has talked about the tough decisions he has to make about the characters’ fates.

The Night Agent was based on Matthew Kirk’s novel of the same name, in which the life of Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso), a low-ranking FBI agent, is turned upside down when he answers the phone in the basement of the White House. . On the other end of the line is Rose Larkin (Lucien Buchanan), who is on a paranoid conspiracy involving the President. Together, Peter and Rose try to discover the truth while being chased by several killers.

The series became a hit on Netflix and was ordered for a second season just four days later. However, the story wasn’t spared of the characters: there were several untimely deaths in the first season. Series creator and showrunner Sean Ryan told TVLine that they debated a lot about who gets killed and in what order.

Ryan said it was originally planned to have a different between Ellen (Eve Harlow) and Dale (Phoenix Ray), two Russian killers who act as lovers, to determine who dies first in Episode 6. In the end, they decided to kill Dale first because it made for a better story for Peter and Rose. . Ryan also admitted that a lot of people didn’t want to see Eric (D.B. Woodside), Peter’s boss in the FBI, die in Episode 8. The showrunner also revealed that Diane Farr’s character, who was shot in the final episode, wasn’t supposed to. Originally to stay alive.

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According to Ryan, the secret to the success of the series was that it was different from other political thrillers. He said they focused not only on Peter’s mission and paranoia, but also on Rose, with whom he developed a romantic relationship. He also emphasized that the actors were chosen very well, and among them there are no big names, but this was not a defect.

The entire first season of Night Agent is available on Netflix, you can read our review of the series here.

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