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The Japanese were already prepared: the Japanese space agency had made a terrifying discovery on the surface of the moon

The Japanese were already prepared: the Japanese space agency had made a terrifying discovery on the surface of the moon

Humans have been interested in what lies beyond the Earth ever since we knew that our planet is just one of an infinite number of celestial bodies in the infinite universe. Although we still do not dare to fully admit to ourselves the possibility of life outside us, there are more and more signs of the existence of alien civilizations. Bors recently reported exactly thatTwo young Hungarian men have become agents for UFO research, and are constantly being notified. In a Hungarian village They've got a mysterious floating ball at the end of the lens, a A Wizz Air flight attendant A spaceship was recorded. In light of all this, it is not surprising that scientists are engaged in outer space research. Recently, the Japanese sent a spacecraft to the moon.

The Japanese are now very disappointed / Photography: Peter Kumka

Japan became the fifth country to send a vehicle to the moon. The SLIM (Smart Lander for Investigating Moon) lunar module successfully landed on the celestial body to begin its exploratory journey. However, the Japanese space agency has now made a sad discovery: shortly after landing and before starting reconnaissance, they noticed that the structure was not working properly. When it landed on the moon, it hit the ground hard, destroying its solar panels. For this reason, your batteries cannot be recharged, and they run out in the evening. On this basis, the great Japanese project failed.

However, researchers remain optimistic. After 30 days, the angle between the Moon and the Sun changes, and if the vehicle turns to the correct position, the solar cells can still be charged and thus start the reconnaissance. – writes A the sun.

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