The index – meanwhile – told Andy Toth and Betty Marex what kind of ruling they can expect

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The new season of Sztárban Sztár starts on Sunday, in which the pair of Andi Tóth and Peti Marics will also sit as judges, in this regard Mocha As a guest, they talked about the challenge that awaits them. It is already known about the lovers that they participated in the previous season of the show as contestants in 2020. The singer revealed that she is preparing to score meticulously at the judging table, while we can expect a lighter and more relaxed tone of judgment from her lover. Andy Toth has previously stated that although they are a couple, their personalities are interestingly far from each other. Not avoiding the topic, the TV2 presenter immediately asked when their wedding would be.

We are very happy to be here, we think this is a big job and we are trying to do it right

– answered Marix, and then added with a laugh, that he just wanted to quickly divert the word from the topic of the wedding. The question was also raised whether Betty Mareks would be able to objectively judge his fellow competitor, Milan Falcos. “I don’t know, I’ll always have a nine or a ten. If it’s a disaster, then a nine, if it’s average, then a ten,” the singer thought, who admitted she wanted to approach things a bit more playfully. His lover had a different opinion:

A lot of people were scared when they started to realize how strict I was. I’m glad they did, because at least they put themselves out there. Obviously I know it’s an entertainment show first and foremost, everyone is there to enjoy themselves. Regardless, I don’t want my entertainment to go entirely to production quality

– said Andy Toth, who promised that not only rigor, but also a lot of laughter can be expected in the broadcast.

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