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The country's first OT license plate Renault Clio was a true love project

The country's first OT license plate Renault Clio was a true love project

An interesting personal history of the car is that the car's previous owner, and therefore its first owner, was an older gentleman, who acquired it in the form of some prize, in a lottery or game, and kept it in the same regard during his tenure. All the time with him. Sure enough, the car had been in the garage the whole time and had barely reached the 100,000 km mark, which is why, except for the decorative rims, everything on it was completely original. Even the external plastic elements were not faded, not grey, not even a side element, that is, everything is black as the original. Fortunately, this car still has glass headlights, and although the indicator and taillight covers are made of plastic, there was no UV damage,” Attila lists the features of the car in question that have now become fairy tales.

Pharmacy interior, nostalgic color combo
Image: Automotive Engine

Since I was able to get it from a remote place, in the countryside, I had to look through it, look under it, open it and try it on the spot, relying on my eyes.

However, even after all this, it turned out to be an absolutely perfect choice. What is very rare but important: the paint on the entire surface of the car was in its original condition when it reached me. There was a small dent on it, which was eliminated thanks to professional hands and tools, but thanks to the car manufacturing technology of the time, and despite the base (non-metallic) paint, we are talking about a very hard surface, so polishing did not bring much in this case .

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