The amount of pepper you can buy is limited in Great Britain: is it the same for us?

In Great Britain, the supply of pepper has dwindled to such an extent that in Morrisons, which has countless stores, you can only buy two packs of pepper per person. All this can be explained by very poor imports: winters in Spain are unusually cold, so plants grow much more slowly than usual.

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the Pictures published by the Daily Mail However, it seems that retailers could not serve everyone even with such drastic measures: there were stores where the British newspaper could not find a single pepper on the shelf.

Meanwhile, due to the economic environment, they cannot replace the lost quantity from within either. In some areas of England, for example, last year half of farmers decided not to grow vegetables, as they have almost no chance of making a profit and in addition to the high costs.

British farmers say that supermarkets do not pay a reasonable amount for local vegetables, and they expect an even greater shortage in the coming period.

Dissatisfaction among farmers caused problems before, in February, for example, stores ran out of tomatoes, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli and berries.

The British are in a dilemma: most stores limit the amount of vegetables and fruits they can buy

The British are in a dilemma: most stores limit the amount of vegetables and fruits they can buy

What is the situation in Hungary?

But should you avoid a similar problem at home?

Pepper season has also begun here. There is no need to be afraid of shortages, there will be enough Hungarian paprika, customers will be busy with it, not imports

Ferenc Abati, chair of the Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Product and Professional Council FruitVeB, told Blikk.

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According to FruitVeb, due to the unusually cold spring, Spanish producers have only been able to sell 15-30 percent less strawberries, but at home, due to successful planting tenders, many new strawberry plantations have been established, so experts are not afraid of a shortage of Goods here too.

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