The actor who plays Black Manta not only made a brutal mention to the coach that he was preparing to continue with Aquaman

The Aquaman sequel, which has amassed the DC movie world’s biggest grossing yet, is set to hit cinemas on December 16, 2022, with its subtitle The Lost Kingdom. The “Lost Kingdom” probably refers to one of the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis, none of which we saw in the early part of 2018.

In the sequel, Pilou Asbaek emerged as a new character, who might be familiar to most people from Battle of the Thrones, where he played Theon Greyjoy’s uncle, Euron. But among the older characters, Jason Momoa will return, as will Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson, who play the title character (and we’ll see Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as David Kane’s vengeful, Black Manta, as We Will.

Filming begins in the summer, and Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson have indicated on social media in recent months that they are training hard for Aquaman 2. On the other hand, Abdul Mateen does not seem to be working much, preferring to focus on relaxation based on a photo he posted on Instagram, But it’s still up and running.

By the way, the career of the 34-year-old actor has boomed dramatically since the 2018 movie, starring in one part of Black Mirror in the Watchman series, The Chicago 7 Trial. Expected to arrive in 2023, it is the largest film project in Australian history.

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