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[Teszt] Klonoa: Fantasy Fantasy Series

[Teszt] Klonoa: Fantasy Fantasy Series

So far, I’ve only known Klonoa games from a distance, so let me be clear – I’ve played a lot with the 2D platformer built for the GameBoy Advance console, but I’ve never played the original episodes. I think there are many others like this, because the topic of our article has never been a big star here, eg Crash or Spyro or later Jack, maybe Ratchet.

Bandai Namco is now presenting its first two episodes as a remake, a fantasy fantasy series Received a baptismal title, 1997 KLONOA: The Door to Phantomileand 2001 KLONOA 2: Lunatea’s Veilwhich was released on PlayStation and PS2 platforms respectively.

In their gameplay, Klonoas used 2D platform mechanics with a fixed path, but in 3D space. In Hungarian, we are actually talking about a sideways proportional jump bump, but the backgrounds are three-dimensional, and the tracks themselves meander in all directions of the coordinate system. At first glance, the gameplay may seem simple and slow. Although Klonoa looks like an early Sega game, it didn’t go to the Sonic school, and instead offers a more thoughtful terrain filled with environmental puzzles. Using the power of our Ring, we can capture opponents above our heads, throw them (even escape from them), but we can also propel them forward/backward in space, thus activating spatial shapes, and sometimes guiding our hero towards deciphering that is the key to progress. Enemies come to life, which also indicates that they are not included in the work, but as an element of environmental exploration. You can also collect ordinary treasures and rare collectibles on the tracks. And there’s another unusual element here: the narrative doesn’t even provide guidance for mid-level players.

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Based on this, Klonoa today quotes at the same time a file Pandemonium-No little Collide games and Kingdom HeartsSimilar to the atmosphere, the game’s story strikes a cute and almost childish Japanese style. However, due to the dream worlds, the eternal battle between good and evil, and the darker mood that settles later in the games, we can recommend the game pack not for the young ones, but for the age group of teenagers. And for those old foxes who still remember the original titles Namco held.

The presentation of the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series fully complies with the PS2 / Wii standard, which is still used in many similar (indie) games. Klonoa’s first fully animated icon-based universe has also moved into 3D, but not now. The first Klonoa remake for Wii was released in 2008, and now the creators are starting from this. It would have been more ambitious than restoring a previous version, but this can also be understood as an aesthetic decision on the part of the developers. that’s good. Both the sounds and the visuals are reminiscent of the heroic era of PS2, of course through a sharp and vibrant color display. We can go backwards with the help of a filter anyway, in the same way as, for example, in the Yooka-Laylee games. Unfortunately, the featured cartoonish filter (highlighted by the series) for Part Two is completely missing. Let’s say I didn’t particularly miss him, but old fans will surely notice the fact of the change.

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So, in short, the two Klonoa matches completely surprised me, despite the fact that the sources are from the old days. The titles in the pack are varied, the progression curve is brilliantly developed, and the challenge level is perfect. Can I be honest at the end of the objective test? For me, this gameplay works much better than Crash or Spyro renovations. Maybe it’s simpler, maybe it doesn’t show much in terms of visuals. But in terms of experience, it is reminiscent of the days of console games, when the mixture of creativity and sleek and elegant design was rife with Japanese developers.

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