Swedish researchers have created a material made from wood, lemon and coconut that can store heat and cold and release it as needed.

In the midst of global warming, it is imperative for humanity to find some alternative solutions for cooling and heating homes. If only because air conditioning equipment puts millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year. However, it is likely that they already know the solution to the problem in Sweden.

Researchers at the Royal Stockholm Institute of Technology have developed an environmentally friendly material that can be used to cool and heat homes. All of this can make a huge difference in environmentally friendly construction.

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the Interesting geometry According to his report, scientists produced building materials from coconuts, limes, and wood. Together, these materials act as a type of heat storage. Their results are small It was published in the scientific journal

The new type of material can retain both heat and cold. According to experts, at room temperature (24°C), 100 kilograms of matter results in energy savings of 2.5 kWh per day, whether cooling or heating.

The process begins with the removal of a substance called lignin from the wood. These gaps are then filled with a substance derived from citrus fruits as well as coconut particles. As a result of heating, the former are converted into polymers of a natural basis. Thanks to this, the wood hardens again.

Meanwhile, the coconut particles change from a solid to a liquid state when they absorb energy, and then harden again when they release energy. This process is very similar to when water freezes into ice and then melts again.

With this transition, we can heat or cool our home as needed. According to the researchers, because the wood becomes light-transmitting as a result of the transition conditions, it could also be of great use in greenhouses in the future.

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