Hungarian researchers found a fragment of a meteorite from the asteroid expected to collide with 2024BX1.

The asteroid was discovered at the Piszkéstető Observatory by astronomer Krzysztjan Sarnitzky, which entered the Earth's atmosphere after only a few hours.

As we reported, professional Polish researchers have already found the first piece of the meteorite on Wednesday. Now another piece of 2024BX1 has been found, this time thanks to the Hungarians. Zoltan Bala and Bence Goksek told our editors that on Friday, after just an hour of searching, they found a larger specimen weighing 114 grams.

The Hungarian Meteorological Society previously announced that based on the first images, the meteorite's material could be a polymicte eucrite or howardite, or perhaps an operite – and if this is the case, it will be an “expensive treat” for collectors, i.e. it could be worth a lot.

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