One of the new spacesuits ordered by NASA has been tested in a microgravity environment, which will replace older spacesuits that have been in use for 40 years.

The spacesuit developed by the private company Collins Aerospace, designed for use outside the International Space Station (ISS), that is, for spacewalking, has successfully passed the microgravity test, commissioned by NASA, the edge.

The US space agency is replacing its spacesuits after 40 years, after they became old and life-threatening.

Collins Aerospace's new spacesuit has replaced testing on a commercial aircraft in microgravity. According to the manufacturer, the spacesuit they developed is lighter and has a smaller volume than current NASA spacesuits.

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The new suit can also be modified depending on the purpose of the mission, and can be modified to fit the shape of the astronauts more easily than the spacesuits used so far.

In the test, in a weightless state, they checked whether the prototype could really move in such an environment, for example passing through a door.

Collins Aerospace's spacesuit awaits further testing: it will also be tested in a vacuum chamber to see if it can withstand the vacuum of space. It will then be tested in up to 12 meters of water at a NASA facility to simulate spacewalk conditions in a microgravity environment using a spacesuit.

Another company, Axiom Space, is developing new spacesuits on behalf of NASA, which we wrote about here.

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