For the first time, researchers at the University of Dublin have found evidence that football goalkeepers view the world differently to their human counterparts.

Brad Friedel – who previously stood in goal for top teams such as Liverpool, Galatasaray or Brøndby – once said: To be able to work well in the penalty area, it is important to think differently from others. According to the signs, the American football player was not speaking in the air.

the Watchman According to his report, based on scientific measurements, goalkeepers really see the world differently: their brains can combine signals from different senses faster, so they may have unique skills on the field.

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Michael Quinn, a former Irish Premier League goalkeeper who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in behavioral neuroscience at the University of Dublin, said: “Unlike other footballers, goalkeepers have to make thousands of very quick decisions based on limited or no sensory information. perfect”. paper.

Quinn and the researchers involved a total of 60 professional goalkeepers, field players and civilians of the same age in the test. They were curious to know how they could distinguish different sounds and flashes from each other. The result made it possible to know how quickly this information is communicated in the brain.

But what about Jiro?


the Current biology According to the results published in the scientific journal “The Goalkeepers”, the process occurred faster in the brains compared to field players or civilians.

According to Keown, goalkeepers also have to rely on their hearing, because they often don’t see the ball. For example, they have to guess where the given ball will appear from this sound. The specialist points out: This is the first study that supports the result with scientific results that goalkeepers look at the world differently. However, it is not yet clear whether this is due to rigorous training or natural ability. For this reason, more research will need to be done on this topic.

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