The robot doing the painting work will be employed in the UAE by real estate developer Emaar Properties. The smart structure is painting a building in Downtown Dubai.

The robots of Singapore-based company Eternal Robotics Myro, which is now having a second rehearsal in Dubai, have been painted over an area of ​​92 square meters per hour. They used to work in a luxury villa and now in a high-rise apartment building.

Project reporting Arab News He writes: In an apartment that can be drawn with human resources in four days, the robot is completed in four hours. Myro works with a consistent layer thickness, paying attention to corners, deleting windows and unpainted areas similarly, and handling interior heights of up to 3.1 metres.

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There’s not much problem with the quality of the work either: Emaar, after seeing the work done on the villa, decided to hire Myro robots instead of human painters in one of the best luxury residential parks it owns.

Emaar and Immortal Robots is already exploring opportunities for long-term collaboration.

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