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Take-Two's president said something about GTA VI that made our hair fall out

Take-Two's president said something about GTA VI that made our hair fall out

As is known, the Take Toe Interactive After many years of waiting, it was finally officially announced last December that… Grand Theft Auto VI. naturally Rock Star gameAnd they've been working on it (likely for a long time), revealing their game in a flashy and mostly atmospheric trailer.

What is there to know about the GTA franchise when it comes to appearance? That, except for the first two loops, each main loop always reaches the controller or controllers first. the GTA IIIthe GTA Vice City And the GTA San Andreas In his case, we had to wait almost half a year for the premiere on PC after PlayStation 2. The GTA IVThe chronology similarly evolved in 2008. But the GTA V It was a completely different cafe. There, after the premiere for PS3 and X360 in 2013, it had to be a year and a half before it became available on PC (with the premiere for PS4 and X1).

Fans have had time to get used to the fact that the current Grand Theft Auto game always comes to PC later. What about GTA 6? Well, of course, last December it was only announced for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series President of Tech2, Strauss-ZelnickHe was also asked about this at a conference a few days ago, where he gave an almost brilliant political answer:

“Non-advertising is an unstable thing as far as I can tell, because the only thing that can happen after non-advertising is advertising, I think, and maybe non-advertising, I think that could happen. That doesn't mean it's etched in one way or another. “ – Translation: Take nothing, take it well. However, Zelnick was still able to improve:

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“But Rockstar has a cross-platform approach that we've seen before, and more announcements will be made in due course. I think the right strategy for our business is to be where consumers are, and historically what this company has done is reach consumers where they are, on whatever platform they're on, This made sense over time.

In short, GTA VI not being announced for PC just means that GTA VI for PC has not been announced. No more, no less. This doesn't mean they can't announce it later, just as it doesn't mean they can't still announce it later. This is how it works. But knowing the GTA business policy of Rockstar Games and Take-Two, we should have no doubt that once the console version is well done, the PC version will also come. The only question is how long we will have to wait for it this time. But it won't matter…

Jerry J

Jerry J
At the end of 2010, he joined the feature writing team at PC Dome, and after a few months he also worked as a news editor. Slowly, 15,000 written articles were attached to his name, placing him at the top of the imaginative podium.

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