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Szeged University | Katalin Karikó and Gergely Rost performed in Berlin at the Hungarian Science Festival

Szeged University |  Katalin Karikó and Gergely Rost performed in Berlin at the Hungarian Science Festival

It was held on October 30, 2023 in Berlin “Hungarian Science Festival and Achievements of Hungarian Scientists in the Field of Cancer Research” For the event. The event had two objectives: on the one hand to celebrate Hungarian Science Day, and on the other hand, to showcase the achievements of Hungarian scientists in the field of cancer research, and to enhance their international reputation.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, the Dennis Gabor Berlin Scientific Society and the Berlin Embassy. The keynote speaker at the event was the world-renowned Katalin Karikó, Research Professor at SZTE University, to whom the Royal Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine on 2 October 2023. In addition, five well-known distinguished scholars of Hungarian science also spoke, Including mathematician Gergely Rost, lecturer. The Hungarian Embassy in Berlin had 135 participants in this very successful event.

The event was opened by Ambassador Peter Georgos, who also separately welcomed Katalin Caricó on the occasion of the award of the Nobel Prize. The Ambassador stressed that the Berlin Embassy will soon welcome our other Nobel Prize winner, Ferenc Krausz, who lives in Germany. On the occasion of the Hungarian Science Festival, László Budes, Deputy State Secretary responsible for Innovation at the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, delivered the speech. The Deputy Foreign Minister also praised Katalin Carrico’s Nobel Prize and particularly welcomed Ferenc Kraus’s Nobel Prize.

This was then followed by scientific lectures moderated by Susanna Issvak, researcher at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin and President of the Gabor Dennis Scientific Society in Berlin.

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In her presentation, Katalin Carrico presented the history of the development of the mRNA-based vaccine and the main stages of its scientific journey. At the end of his presentation, he stressed that he would like to inspire the new generation of scientists in his professional career.

Many people congratulated Katalin Carrico.

Next, three Hungarian researchers presented the national laboratories working in healthcare: Peter Nagy, Scientific Director of the National Laboratory of Tumor Biology; Director György Keyser explained the work of the National Pharmaceutical Research and Development Laboratory. Then Gergely Rust, Head of the Department of Applied and Numerical Mathematics at the Bolyai Institute of SZTE, and Professional Head of the National Health Laboratory (ENL), presented the ENL’s precedents, development and achievements from the beginning of the pandemic to the present day at the HCEMM Center as well.


Gergely Rost also performed.

Finally, two Hungarian scientists working abroad, Zoltan Evics, researcher at the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Langen, and Gergely Szakás, lecturer at the Medical University of Vienna, presented their latest findings in the field of cancer research.

The event was closely watched by members of the Hungarian scientific community in Berlin, as well as the excellence of German scientific life, but Balázs Gulyás, head of the Hungarian Research Network, was also present.


Cover photo: Katalin Karikó and Gergely Rost performing in Berlin at the Hungarian Science Festival.

Image: illustration

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