signature that remembers A vampire on four wheels (Upír z Feratu) on the classic Czech horror film of 1981. The film’s protagonists were Jiří Menzel and the study car Škoda 110 Super Sport – now the latter, precisely its late rebirth.

Skoda has a young French designer Baptiste de Brugier, who saw the Škoda 110 Super Sport in the factory museum warehouse two years ago, and when he launched his in-house project to rethink old classics, the company promptly stalled. A study that became famous as Škoda Firat in the aftermath of the film.

The young designer was fascinated not so much by the car’s lines, but by the idea of ​​a vampire mobile phone. It was difficult to translate the lines of the original car from an aesthetic point of view into the tastes of modern times – in the original study, for example, a line extending back from the front bumper, but today we expect quite the opposite from the dynamic sports cars.

However, Baptiste did not give up and twisted the lines and proportions until the birth of the modern Firat, which fits perfectly into the current Skoda dashboard with its pointed nose and prominent stripe running through the hood. A special style element is the four LED headlight strips that are meant to impress vampire teeth.

Reborn Skoda 3 bloodsucking

By the way, the 1981 movie completely redesigned the Skoda 110 Super Sport study, which had been around for 10 years at that time: it received new headlights and taillights, painted black, and at that time also got its own distinctive huge wings. Its impressive appearance hid a rather modest technology: the 1.1-liter engine had 73 horsepower.

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