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She is the beautiful daughter of Princess of the Star Wars Star – Billy resembles her mother – a world star

She is the beautiful daughter of Princess of the Star Wars Star - Billy resembles her mother - a world star

Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, i.e. Carrie Fisher He passed away on December 27, 2016. His daughter, Billy Lord He retains his memory, looks like him to speak, but in his habitat the apple has not fallen far from his tree

If we look at his picture, it is as if the same young mother is smiling at us again. He also inherited from him huge deer eyes and expressive looks. She also followed in her footsteps as an actress and conquered Hollywood.

She is the daughter of Carrie Fisher

The 28-year-old star appeared on the movie screen in 2015. In the Star Wars sequel, The Awakening Force appeared alongside his mother as a Connex Lieutenant.

Photo: Getty Images Hungary

“When my mom called that they wanted to be invited to audition for the latest Star Wars movie, I pretended it wasn’t a big deal at all, I even discovered the concept they wanted for me, but deep down I couldn’t” and remember another name. Which would have made you happier afterwards Time Magazine In his interview and then proceeded as follows:

Billy the Heavy

Photo: Fred Duval / Getty Images Hungary

“It was just unbelievable that I got into the movie, I remember, on the first day of filming, my mom insisted I only have one thing for hairdressers to make my famous hairstyle as well.

He even appeared in two additional versions after his mother’s death, The Last Jedi and Age of Skywalker. He is a colleague of Carrie Fisher and her best friend Mark Hamill Ellen at The DeGeneres Show He said that with his presence, a piece of former Princess Leia would live forever.

The actor also jokingly added that his late colleague could not even deny his daughter, because, like him, he tends to be late. From there, she knew she was a real fisher when she once waited an hour and a half at the airport.

The rising star has also appeared in works like Scream Queens, in which she has appeared alongside Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis, but has also appeared in the popular series American Horror Story for several seasons.

Billy Lord Leah

Photo: Gerardo Mora / Getty Images Hungary

She is constantly exposed to role-playing shows, no wonder, because her special beauty and charismatic radiance is just as overwhelming as her famous mom. He takes every opportunity to praise him, Instagram He posts a lot of popular images, often appearing in the distinctive clothes or hairstyles of the iconic character.

An old photo of Carrie Fisher

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