Schultz: We are constantly working to transform the German army for the defense of central and northern Europe

The German chancellor left open the question of how many German soldiers would be stationed in Lithuania.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed, during his visit to Estonia on Friday, that his country is committed to protecting NATO’s Baltic allies in the event of a possible attack.

In addition, Scholz left open the question of exactly how many German soldiers would be deployed to Lithuania based on an earlier promise to send a brigade of 3,000 to 5,000 people to protect the Baltics. “The security situation here in the Baltics, on the eastern side of NATO, remains sensitive.” – declared the Social Democratic politician together with his colleagues in the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian bureaus.

To make it clear again:

We are ready to defend every square centimeter of NATO territory against any attack.

Schulz insisted. As he said, the necessary steps have been prepared. “We are constantly working to transform the German army for the defense of Central and Northern Europe” he added.

Schulz reassured everyone

In addition, Schulz assured everyone that German weapons delivered to Ukraine would not be used on the territory of Russia. The German army will keep the Vorpommern Brigade ready for the defense of Lithuania from the fall of 2022. At the same time, only one combat outpost has been built in Lithuania so far, about 20 soldiers serve in it.

The facility is used to keep weapons and other military equipment ready.

If necessary, they could thus transport soldiers from Germany within ten days.

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In addition, another 760 German soldiers are serving in Lithuania in a German-led NATO battle group.



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