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RTX 4090/4080: Gigabyte admits that it designed its cards in the wrong way!

RTX 4090/4080: Gigabyte admits that it designed its cards in the wrong way!

Technology News – This way, the company's current high-end Nvidia cards will not crack, as this has been a serious problem until now!

Moreover, not only the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 cards were affected, but the RTX 3000 series also had a bug that occurred as a result of a design error: the PCB (PCB in Hungarian, printed circuit board) may have cracked in a certain area, causing damage. PCIe lanes inside the video card, blocking data movement and rendering the GPU completely unusable. Those affected complained about this to Gigabyte, but the manufacturer refused replacement requests. However, on Reddit, you can now see that Gigabyte has taken action and redesigned its cards so that there are no notches.

These video cards arrive in stores with the original packaging but with the v1.1 version, and you can see the comparison between the old and new version in the second and third images below. The user who posted the images (MisinformationAlways) pointed out that the VRM 70a hardware is larger and the design is more stable thanks to better mass distribution. Of course, this is not a solution for unlucky users, as it will not fix a cracked video card (and it's not cheap!), and Gigabyte has not officially spoken about this, so we don't know exactly what products are affected.

On the other hand, Gigabyte has admitted through the redesigned PCB that it has indeed made a huge mistake, and if it treats its customers in a way of fair play, it will replace all cracked video cards with another one. Instead of the previous refusal, it accepts that gamers who have visited the pores do not have to Invest in another video card out of their own pocket. Of course, here it is still necessary to evaluate how long the exchange period will last, and the public must be informed of the affected cards.

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I wonder how it all happened? Have the products not been tested for such things in-house? After all, they are not a smaller, less well-known manufacturer.

source: WCCFTech, Reddit

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