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Romanians envy Viktor Orbán

Romanians envy Viktor Orbán

The famous opera singer Levente Molnar, who sang in the world’s largest opera houses, faced countless struggles because of his faith and conservative values. On the YouTube channel Kontextus, Századvég also talks about what threatens Hungarians living abroad and how they have been provoked abroad.

Find the list of most interesting parts here:

2:40 Xaba Boeti – Transylvania
5:10 Subcarpathia
06:10 Global march, but still back home in Hungary
11:00 AM Help for Hungarians in Transcarpathia
13:30 Globalization pressures in Western Europe
6:10 PM New York Metropolitan commercial
23:20 Tosphanius
15:25 What do opera singers do during the pandemic?
28:10 Faith, patriotism and family
28:55 Discussions about worldviews abroad (Viktor Orbán is also mentioned)
31:25 The Romanians and Viktor Orbán
33:35 Putin World Judo Championship
36:00 Attacks on Hungarians in Seklevold
38:20 Sikely vids are needed
41:55 Hungarian phobia in Romania
44:30 The Orthodox Church buys Hungarian land in Transylvania
45:30 Peter Szijjarto
46:30 His relationship with Viktor Orban
50:00 on Hungarian fashion
55:00 Propaganda in order
1:00:00 This is the most egregious case of propaganda in opera
1:04:10 Attila Vidnyansky
1:07:00 Art that reflects single women
1:10:00 Bank Bank

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