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Resurrection Flights Announcement

Resurrection Flights Announcement

July 1, 2024
Author: Zsolt Lendvay

Car tuning shows were very popular in the 2000s, and now one of the most popular shows is appearing under a new name.

In the mid-2000s, between 2004 and 2007, Pimp My Ride was shown on MTV, that is, not on Hungarian television, but on Music Television. It was a car tuning show where they first looked for a car that had been sufficiently battered and was in bad condition, then had it serviced at West Coast Customs or Galpin Auto Sports. In the end, they built something amazing out of it. During all this, the host of the show was the well-known rapper Xzibit.

Source: IMDb

Xzibit takes a look at the most bounced cars in the original Pimp My Ride

The program was produced under license in many other countries, and there were even places where it was filmed not only with cars, but also with bicycles, for example. By the beginning of 2010, things had calmed down, although since then it has been suggested several times that the reality show would return, and there was talk that Xzibit would once again be the host. Now the official announcement has finally been made, and there will be a show again, but in a slightly different form.

Let's start with the fact that the title will not be Pimp My Ride, but Resurrected Rides, the host will be comedian Chris Redd, also known from Saturday Night Live, and there will also be a permanent repair team. The original series came under fire a lot because a lot of things were fabricated or fake, according to the accusations, but now the creators are thinking of a more humorous approach.

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We don't have to wait long to find out what the new series will be like, because the episodes will be available on Netflix starting July 24.

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