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Resident Evil Village: Maiden Trial Circle – until the demo is short – preliminary

Resident Evil Village: Maiden Trial Circle - until the demo is short - preliminary


The demo, which came exclusively for the PlayStation 5, is tough to put anywhere.

1/26/2021 17:51 | From Jerig | Preliminary

It was such a hit as 2017 Resident Evil 7Not surprisingly, millions of fans were waiting for Capcom to continue the franchise, which has undergone a major overhaul. Since the last few years have been the most reworking of Part Two and Three, Part VIII, Resident Evil Village-And the.

Resident Evil Village: Maiden Trial Circle - Up to the demo is short

It became clear immediately from the first preview that the style of the seventh part was carried forward, and as Last And that Outlast II He did, here too the little hut has been replaced by an entire village. There has been little substantive information about the new installment since the announcement, but Capcom was shaken by the weekend that we left behind: Not only did we get the exact premiere date, and not only did we get a free multiplayer demo with the game, but we can also expect more offers. Illustrative. Moreover, the first testable version has already arrived. True, only a few have access to it, because virgin The dubbed beta title is only available for PlayStation 5, which continues to have significant youth issues. On the other hand, we beat it up and tried it, meanwhile our coffee hadn’t cooled …

Upon announcing the demo, Capcom mentioned that the events we experienced on this one aren’t really from the full game. They also note that what they saw in the demo will reveal almost nothing, either from the story or the gameplay. Okay, but what do we get from this beta if not exactly from the game? According to the manufacturers, the primary goal is to give a little bit of an atmospheric taste. Well, in light of that, I set off for the adventure that ended faster than I had previously expected. Anno A. Resident Evil 7 Very meaningful and intimidating demonstration can be experienced. Now hardly a fraction of that.

Resident Evil Village: Maiden Trial Circle - Up to the demo is short

a Resident Evil Village: Maiden It begins in the prison cell, where the grim conditions are a lot more frightening than the strange noises and sounds that creep beyond the cell walls. After a quick glance around, we also find a way to escape in the form of a hole in the wall that leads to the neighboring cell. We can get out of here, and then find the way out through some narrow corridors and extra empty cells (at worst, the habitat of a rotting corpse packed in bags). This, of course, requires a switch, we must first find a power circuit breaker, so we get an example to find the device in the demo.

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Once we opened the door, we found ourselves in a very ornate mansion, almost scratching the bait line. From the few documents and barrels of wine ubiquitous in the prison cellar, the spooky background story of what the nectar is now largely made of has been compiled. In the palace, we can actually meet a woman in a black veil, holding a scythe, and it is not very difficult to play with it (I was walking upstairs in the corner). Here, too, there’s some searching for things and some reading, and then, when we have the key to the exit, comes the slash tube: A woman with manga-like characters seen in the trailer is shortening our efforts to escape.

Resident Evil Village: Maiden Trial Circle - Up to the demo is short

This all goes on pretty much as long as you read the paragraphs above, and the comment “Thank you for running the demo” is already coming. It’s not very time consuming, and for me, unfortunately, it’s a poor demo unfortunately that really does what the developers said: Almost nothing. Because we see almost nothing of the gameplay, which, after all, was the first known Resident Evil. It’s okay that there is nothing spoiled in the story. On the other hand, the fact that they wanted to give this atmosphere is even more disturbing. Because in this demo, there’s a mood as much as in gameplay: minimal. Although the prison is impressive, cheap horror does not muddle the crowd, strange noises do not distort a person’s nerves. The women didn’t break the scar either.

The graphics in the demo looked very bewildering. The environment basically did not look bad, especially as the hazy rooms in the palace were very showy. But the character models seem very conflicting. I didn’t really feel much better compared to my predecessors in 2017, which is very sad given the fact that this demo was created for PlayStation 5. But of course, we might not have a complaint about this in the final game, or maybe the story and mood are good. So much so that we smoothly turn a blind eye.

Resident Evil Village: Maiden Trial Circle - Up to the demo is short

But I definitely expected more than that Resident Evil Village From his first show. The only consolation is that, as promised, another demo will appear before the premiere – as well as on other platforms – which will possibly show more of the game. See if we can learn more about this gameplay. We’ll have to wait a few more months to get the full game, but I really hope the developers take this advantageous and get a game of at least the same quality as Part 7. ■

Resident Evil Village

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