Red Bull pays damages to Canadians who were not given wings from the drink

Red Bull pays damages to Canadians who were not given wings from the drink

Canadians who bought Red Bull energy drinks between January 1, 2007 and July 23, 2019 but were disappointed that they did not get wings, contrary to what the ads promised, can claim a compensation of CAD 10 (about 2,200 Ft) per person. Writes Daily Hive Canadian News Portal.

The manufacturer of Red Bullt is a corporation Michael Attar He was sued by a man named in February for misleading ads in February. The company did not wait for the court proceedings to end, and agreed with the plaintiff out of court and agreed to create a fund of $ 850,000 CAD (about 190 million Ft) from which anyone who feels cheated can claim compensation.

The Canadian lawsuit was effectively a transcript of a lawsuit that was filed in 2014 against Red Bull in the United States. In America one Benjamin Carthers A man named Red Bull sued the Energy Drink Company for failing to drink Red Bull wings in vain. The company still picks an out-of-court settlement and has paid out $ 13 million (about $ 4 billion). Al-Attar Al-Kindi tried to obtain compensation after the US lawsuit, but because he failed, he filed a lawsuit of his own in Canada.

In no case did the plaintiffs complain that they did not grow their wings after taking the Red Bull, but were unable to perform an increased physical or mental performance from the drink, although energy drink ads promise so. Either way, Red Bull has defended its advertising and marketing practices, but has opted for an out-of-court settlement rather than the lengthy and costly litigation.

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