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Psychic World at Museum Derry

Psychic World at Museum Derry

Opening the exhibition, which explains the history of the city of Sevis in seven chapters, Szilard Demeter, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Hungarian Genius Programme, said that Hungarian museology and the Hungarian cultural institution system cannot be value-neutral. .

Section of the World of Civis exhibition. Photo: MTI/István Derencsényi

For us, the Hungarian national culture is fundamental, not because it is better or worse than any other culture, but because ours

He said.

According to the general director of the Petofi Literary Museum, that is why neither the Ottomans nor the Austrians nor the Communists could take it from us, which is why we are and will be there at the grave of every power that wants to conquer. Demeter Szilard emphasized: The key to a nation’s resistance to crisis is the inadequacy of the end. As he pointed out, Debrecen is now a regional center and outpost, which is why the Déri Museum’s local history exhibition cannot be value-neutral either. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees described the will and love for the country and the homeland as much more important than proportion in planning for the future.

He said that if a visitor sees the new local history exhibition in Debrecen with his heart, he will become a native of Debrecen, wherever he was born.

László Cservenyák, Vice-President of the Hungarian Rural Museums Association, spoke among other things about the fact that there are more than 800 museums in Hungary, of which about 140 exhibition spaces have reached the status of museums. Their association currently has 120 members, including the main Hungarian museums in the Carpathian Basin, thus representing global Hungarian culture. According to the specialist, new forms of communication with visitors must be found, and this has also been helped by the Hungarian genius program, whose resources have benefited more than a hundred museums.

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Dealing with our past, our history and our culture is a behavior that shows hope and can give strength to others in a Europe burdened with wars and suffering from an identity crisis, said Laszlo Papp, Mayor of Debrecen of Fides.

According to the city administrator, this mentality, striving for survival and strengthening self-identity, has always been crucial in Debrecen in past centuries.

Janus Angie A Derry Museum Director’s note: In the new exhibition space of 250 square meters, the world of Cívisek will be presented divided into seven chapters. He called it an important aspect that the new permanent exhibition represented the structure of the museum’s multifaceted collection, and that objects not yet on display would also be included in the exhibition space.

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