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Parkour game leak [VIDEO]

Parkour game leak [VIDEO]

The free-to-play replay is currently in playtesting on PC, so it was only a matter of time before Electronic Arts saw the game leak.

The reboot of the Skate series will not be called Skate 4, but Skate. The project runs under the name Electronic Arts, and is already in testing on PC. A recording was made of it (full of watermarks, which is typical for near-final alpha/beta games, and that’s how they identify who owns the recording, but here they censored the material jumping back and forth in the 62-second video), which we’ve included Below.

But we won’t get the same thing in skating as before, because parkour will also be a more important element of the gameplay. Although we were able to get off our skateboards to run in the previous parts, based on the footage, parkour could offer expanded gameplay. Perhaps we will see more soon, because the publisher has already indicated its desire to test its game not only on PC, but also on consoles. They addressed this in a blog post: “We also want to address the Skate community for console. Yes, we are currently only testing on PC, but we promise that console game testing will be coming as well. We can’t give you a date yet, but stay tuned.”

Anyway, the skateboarding game was not revealed yesterday, in fact, it seems a bit scary since it was confirmed by Electronic Arts in June 2020. So, three years have passed since then, but due to the epidemic, the development was not that easy, because Without him the game would almost certainly have been released, sparking such a reaction on Twitter when it was announced that it would also be electronically jailbroken. Record the interaction of the arts there (in vain, after Pro Skater 5 for Tony Hawk, the audience was basically waiting for a good board game!).

Full Circle runs on Skateboarding, which supports cross-play and cross-progression (which you can continue anywhere and play with everyone). This is a Canadian studio and we can talk about Vancouver’s first game. Their leader is Daniel McCulloch, who spent 15 years at Xbox before moving to Electronic Arts in 2020.

source: VGC

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