One of Putin’s top men has spoken: they want to cut Russia into pieces and wipe it off the map

According to Patrusev, Russia is mainly fighting the United States and the United Kingdom in Ukraine.

The West’s plan is to continue taking Russia off the ground and eventually simply wipe it off the world’s political map

Security Council Secretary said.

Patrusev had worked for the Soviet secret service, the KGB, since the mid-1970s, when he met another KGB officer Russian President Vladimir PutinAlso from 1999 to 2008 – after Putin – he was the head of the FSB, the heir to the KGB.

In his interpretation of the Soviet political West, he argued that Western political elites are corrupt and run by multinational business clans who are carrying out “color revolutions” around the world.

The American state is just a shell of a conglomerate of megacorporations that rule the country and try to rule the world

Patrusev added that America has created chaos in Vietnam, Afghanistan and the Middle East and has been trying to undermine Russia’s “unique” culture and language for years.

According to the minister, the West is the fifteenth for the Grand Duchy of Moscow. He wants to return Russia to its borders in the twentieth century, and for this purpose it is bleeding Ukraine.

There is no place for our country in the West


According to him, Russian youth should not sit in the offices of foreign companies, but work for the sake of the Motherland. Patrusev said Russia must achieve economic sovereignty and financial independence, as well as develop its military forces to deter potential aggressors.

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Dmitry Peskovthe Kremlin spokesman, agreed with Patrusev’s claims, saying that the West supports Ukraine with weapons, technology and intelligence, so ipso facto part of the conflict.

Peskov too He saidUkraine and the West responded with “sarcasm” to Russia’s proposal for a Christmas ceasefire.

Cover photo: Nikolaj Patrusev in 2013. Source: US Department of Defense / Wikimedia Commons

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