Most tényleg bekeményít a Netflix bevezetőkép

Now Netflix is ​​really hard for me

The streaming giant seems tired of mobile antics and wants to take it to the next level with an action role-playing game.

Netflix has built up its gamer portfolio nicely in recent years, though for now Provides only mobile addressesThey want to have 50 of them available to subscribers by the end of the year. The company is currently considering including game streaming in its lineup, but in the meantime it is also working on another project.

It turns out that the company is developing a AAA-class game, and Chacko Sonny, who was also the main producer of Overwatch, is overseeing the work on the new title.

The studio announced a slew of new job opportunities, including a director position. According to the announcement, PC is the target platform at the moment, and the game will be service-based. This isn’t necessarily fun multiplayer: it could be an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla-esque solution.

The mention of Assassin’s Creed is also not unreasonable, because the main developer’s title also mentions that it is an action RPG that takes place in a third-person camera view. Unreal Engine is also mentioned in the post, they most likely want to use UE 5

Projects like this usually take years before anything comes out, but regardless, it’s nice to know that Netflix is ​​planning something more serious than its mobile lineup.

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