Nipples also flashed: Xena, i.e. Lucy Lawless, undressed, a video was also made of it

Lucy Lawless is an actress from New Zealand, but partly of Irish descent, who most people in Hungary know from one of the best and most cult series of the 90s, Xena – the Warrior Princess. Newspapers don’t write about her very often, so not many people know the story of Lucy Lawless, who has a life path full of adventure, since she traveled all over Europe in her youth, including spending several years in Switzerland, then Australia. , where (you wouldn’t guess) I started working on a gold mine. To work, and successfully.

At that time, there was no doubt that she would become an actress, this only happened later.

Moreover, in New Zealand, where she also moved, and where her film career actually began, after starting to do something really different after the gold mine, where she entered a competition and was immediately successful in a beauty contest, winning first prize. With the Xena series, he also later won several prestigious awards.

This is what the beautiful actress looks like now:

A wide Hungarian audience was able to meet Lucy Lawless in the Spartacus series.

And not in any way, because the film, in which there are a lot of intimate and frank scenes, is about gladiators, about those Roman lords, who certainly raised and trained excellent warriors, who will bring glory to themselves and their families. Masters, they bring competitions, in the squares.

The movie is full of self-inflicted scenes, and Lucy Lawless certainly takes part in it, we can see her with bare breasts several times in each scene, here And here You can also click to see photos from the series.

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