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Not only did the Netflix documentary series Jada Pinkett Smith spark public outrage among netizens, it was fiercely opposed by historians, archaeologists, and even representatives of the Egyptian government.

Just a few days ago, the streaming service debuted the series Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, in which African-American actress Adele James plays the role of the former ruler. By the way, Cleopatra in 1963 was played by the sexiest actress in the world at that time, Elizabeth Taylor, who was as far from the ruler as Mako from Jerusalem.

However, the world and the way of thinking are changing. In addition to the countless publications and comments on the Internet against the latest Cleopatra documents, they are also trying to interrupt the success of the work, as it is accused of falsifying history, since then. The ruler was of Greek Macedonian descent.

And so, just a few days after the series premiere, it became a Rotten tomatoes The Netflix series became his worst rated work, rated 11% by critics and only 2% by thousands of viewers. the IMDB The situation is not the most rosy in the case


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